This is time for standing up


The world is changing. It is not a metaphor anymore. It is happening right in front of our eyes and the only reason that we may lose our sight is that this change is happening so fast.

It is like a train in a station. As far as it stands still, you can see it with all the details. As soon as it starts moving details become more blur. And if it speeds up enough you may just recognize it as a shadow.

When I am talking about the world in the state of change I am not just talking about Mr. Trump and unpredictability that he will bring in one of the most influential offices in the world in next few days. I am not talking about the unbelievable pace of science and technology that change of our living every day. I am not talking just about the interaction between the media and audiences and their challenges. I am not just talking about waves of political, social and economic changes that are happening all around the world and not just talking about common challenges like global warming.

And at the same time, I am talking about all of that. I am talking about all of that and more.

Many years ago an Iranian thinker, Dariush Shayegan, described our world not as a global village but more like a patchwork art, where thousands of different pieces gather to shape a larger pattern. There is, of course, one main difference here. These different segments are interacting with each other. They are not standing still. Every change in one piece changes all the landscape.

Every decision in every corner of the world can and will affect us. And let’s be honest, all of these decisions are not good or well thought.

Now more than ever, we need to educate ourselves and others. We should read, we should observe, we should act and we should inform and empower people and support the voice of reason. At the end of the day informed and reasonable citizens could change the game for good.

I want to play my role. I am a science journalist who worked more than a decade in Iran. I tried to translate the science discoveries and scientific methods for general audiences. Why? Because I love science, but more important, I believe that scientific method is not just a tool in the hand of scientists. Every one of us can apply it in our daily life and in the process of decision-making

In this new world, where we are living in our personalized bubbles, where the fake news can change the thinking of the people, I think people who share my idea should stand and do their job.

I am a science journalist and I want to do my part. I just want to add my voice to a discussion that might help to shape our world.

So I will post regularly here about science, society and what I can see in the world.

Thank you for reading them and I can’t thank you enough if you leave your comments.

Pouria Nazemi

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