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  • Silence accomplices and sexual harassment

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Silence accomplices and sexual harassment
This is why we - a group of science communicators who participated Projected Futures 3 Workshop - see hope for the future of our craft.

Fight against science journalism and information in Iran

“I spent an hour and a half in one of the vaccination centers and talked with doctors and health care workers. When I was leaving the center, the security asked me to give them my cell phone and delete all my interviews. I did not care. They pushed me and broke my finger. I went through surgery, and they had to install pins in my hands.” 

This is the translation of a tweet by Faeze Momeni, an Iranian health reporter today.

This tweet is just the latest episode in an ongoing confrontation between the Iranian health care management system and the data and facts and reliable information. 

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Another empty promise

Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced that his government is optimistic that it can vaccinate all the Iranian people in Phase one, phase two and part of Phase three in the next two months.
This is encouraging, but it needs a massive undertaking by the government and the Iranian health system.
So far, 1.31 million Iranians had received at least one shot of their vaccine (1.3% of the population) and only 232000 people (0.3%) of Iranian fully vaccinated.

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Injured shoulder of the hunter

Betelgeuse, formally known as the brightest star of the constellation Orion, acting weirdly lately. Some consider this behavior as an indicator for imminent, chaotic and magnificent death of Betelgeuse. But astronomers are not sure about it.

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A Few Remarks About Canada Election 2019

Monday, October 21st, Canadians cast their ballots to chose their representatives in the Parliament, and decided the fate of Canada’s next government.

These are a few random thoughts about this election.

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