Injured shoulder of the hunter

Betelgeuse, formally known as the brightest star of the constellation Orion, acting weirdly lately. Some consider this behavior as an indicator for imminent, chaotic and magnificent death of Betelgeuse. But astronomers are not sure about it.

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A Few Remarks About Canada Election 2019

Monday, October 21st, Canadians cast their ballots to chose their representatives in the Parliament, and decided the fate of Canada’s next government.

These are a few random thoughts about this election.

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What can we learn from Mauna Kea resistance?

Before you call it the battle between science and ignorance, Think again.

In the last few weeks, ‘kia’i mauna’ have been protesting the development of infrastructure of TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope). This Telescope is going to be built on one of the most sacred summits of Hawaii.

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The world of noises

Digital media is playing a role similar to an amplifier. It has a great capability to amplify the voices. It also can amplify all the noises in the world.

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‘Artemis’: A Book Review

Andy Weir’s Artemis is an adventure story that happens on the moon. While the science foundation and accuracy of this book are as strong as his last blockbuster novel, The Martian, the characters are suffering from lack of developments and they fall into the trap of known clichés.

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