Let’s Stop this foolish fool day lies

We are living in the post-factual era.
We are living in a world that you can look straight to the cameras and the eyes of people and with straight faces lie to them and find no consequences.
We all are in a way or another is victims of lies.

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An Interview with Andy Weir

The Martian was a hugely successful for And Weir and it was a pleasant surprise for many people who love hard sci- fi. The Martian was not just a good sci-fi it was written with great passion and you could feel that love and curiosity through the story. 

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Rental Rooms in the House of Cards

Frank Underwood might lose his upcoming election, but he definitely already won the heart of his nation, which extended far beyond the U.S. One of the best political drama series in recent years, not only used a good writing, directing, acting and other technical issues, but also tried to base its narrative on the reality of the political world. No need to mention that it played an important role to change the online entertainment industry.

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