I can’t remember the total number of my writings – most of them in Farsi. It should be passed four digits a few years ago. After all, I am writing for more than 15 years and almost on a daily basis.
I wrote hundreds of news, reports and did many interviews. I won the 2nd prize for best science writing in Iranian National Press Festival in 2007.
Besides my journalistic works I am also a translator, and so far I published more than ten books in Farsi.
Here is the short list of them and I will update it in future:

– Persian Translation of “ Introduction to Mathematics,” Hekmat Pub, Iran, 2009
– Co-author of “Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy,” Talaie Pub, Iran, 2010
– Persian translation of “Introduction to Relativity,” Hekmat Pub, Iran, 2011
– Prsian Translation of “Introduction to History of Astronomy,” Hekmat Pub, Iran, 2014
– Persian Translation of “Astronomy, Eye Witness,” Nashr-e-Ney Pub, Iran, 2012
– Persian Translation of World Federation of Science Journalism (WFSJ) online courses in Science Journalism
– Persian Translation of “A Field Guide for Science Writers,” Jame-Jam Pub, Iran, 2014
– Persian Translation of “ Science of Avatar,” Hekmat Pub, Iran, 2015
– Persian Translation of “Science of Interstellar,” Aseman-e-Shab Pub, Iran, 2015
– Persian Translation of “DK Encyclopedia of Space,” Sayan Pub, Iran, 2016

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