Drones: From Earth to the clouds of Venus and beyond

Before Venus became the hottest and most hostile planet of our solar system, it could host a vast ocean of liquid water and even now, it could be habitable for some microbial life.

To take a closer look, NASA awarded the Black Swift Technologies, a contract to design a drone to fly in the dense atmosphere of Venus.

BST should design a drone that could operate in a challenging situation such as lack of enough sunlight as a power source, dealing with potential electromagnetic storms and even acidic rains.

Comparing the atmosphere of Earth and Venus – Credit: JPL/NASA

If NASA approves the design, then this drone will be sent to the Venus with one of the future missions.

The application of these drones will not be limited to the Venus. Volcanos of Earth and the Titan -Saturn’s moon- could be other playgrounds of these drones.

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